The Latino Canadian Cultural Association(LCCA) provides a network that connects contemporary Latin American artists to the greater Canadian community through its programming of contemporary visual arts exhibitions and multidisciplinary cultural events. The LCCA also actively promotes and maintains relationships with international cultural institutions and artist collectives.
Main goals/Objectives

• SUPPORTS LATINO ARTISTS: As a collective, we are committed to the enrichment and development of our arts community by supporting artists' professional development.

• Promotes and actively participates in the making of the Latino-Canadian culture and identity.

• INTERNATIONAL CONNECTIONS: Promotes and maintains an ongoing dialogue and collaboration with International cultural organizations and artists.

• EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING/COMMUNITY OUTREACH: to develop arts educational programs for the youth in our communities.

• CONTEMPORARY ARTS: We are actively engaging in the dissemination of contemporary artistic practice of Latino artists in Canada in conversation with the rest of the country as well.

• SUPPORT EMERGING ARTISTS:helps Integrate emerging Latino artist to our broader arts community.

• COLLABORATION: Colaborates with other cultural associations to create dialogue between minority groups.

• THE FUTURE: committed to establish support networks for emerging Latino Canadian artists.